Meet-Up: Melissa James Gibson

The award winning playwright now also writes for House of Cards, Netflix’s wildly addictive drama. TSAR’s Books Blog talks with Gibson about reading and writing.

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Gantcher featured

What Writers Read: Ben Gantcher

I normally select books by feel, or I let serendipity be my guide, especially if I can follow a citation like a map to some Ultima Thule. But these days I’m trying to write poems on short notice, so I’ve cooked up a reading program meant to jump-start my attention to poetry.

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Quick Take: Sara Schaff

Sara Schaff graduated from Brown University and completed her MFA in creative writing at the University of Michigan, where she served as a Lecturer in the English Department Writing Program. She has also taught in China, Colombia, and Northern Ireland. Her writing has appeared in Carve Magazine, Inkwell, Superstition Review, and Fiction Writers Review.  Her story “When more »

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Quick Take: Anthony Rintala

Antony Rintala’s work has been published in Kudzu Magazine, Music: A Quarterly Journal, Ishaan Literary Review, Oklahmoa Review, Copperfield Review and A Few Lines Magazine.  He currently lives and teaches in Indiana.  His poem “Wist I” appears in TSAR Spring 2013. I just received my copies of TSAR, and it is more »

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Grace Photo

Quick Take: Jeremy Grace

Jeremy Grace is an MFA candidate at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He’s had prior publication in Dark Sky Magazine, the University of San Francisco’s Ignatian, as well as other places.  His story, “What We Tell Them,” is forthcoming in the Spring 2013 issue of TSAR.  He writes:   Currently more »

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Quick Take: Diego Gerard

Diego Gerard‘s fiction has been previously published in the Acentos Review and his short story “Exiles” is forthcoming in the Roanoke Review. His more »

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Meet-Up: Math Meets Art

Art and math converged at Bookcourt in Brooklyn, during a public conversation between painter Simon Dinnerstein and mathematician Paul Lockhart. Lockhart is author of the newly-published Measurement, a more »

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What Writers Read: Samantha Gillison

This is the inaugural post in an occasional column that will appear on TSAR’s Books Blog. It is called “What Writers Read,” more »

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