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POETRY William Waters Joanna Fuhrman Alla Vilnyansky Matthew Brailas Joseph Harms Joseph Rathgeber Daniel Browne Marc Kaminsky FICTION Hallie Newton Michael Orbach Nell Schwed ESSAYS Alexandra Zelman-Doring Anthony J. Mohr TRANSLATION Yumiko Kurahashi MICHAEL DAY Ivonne Gordon Carrera Andrade CINDY RINNE ART Ali Medina Sophie Iremonger Amanda Zackem

SPRING 2018    

art by Marcus Leslie  Mariana CoroniL Louis Constant Duit  Jarrett Key   Laura Bernstein Bianca Stone  Fiction  J.W. McCormack  DaviS Enloe   Meagan Perry  Susan Eve Haar   Linda Rui Feng  poetry  Asiya Wadud  Lorcán Black  Cheryl Moskowitz  Martin Skoble  MRB Chelko  Christina Albers  Cathy Fuerst  Robert Halleck  Amorak Huey  Dan O’Brien   Matthew Brailas  Daniel Bourne   Translation  Fayre Makeig  Marcela Sulak  FORough Farrokhzad ELI ELIAHU Essays    Elizabeth Fodaski   Lucas Carpenter, and Jeff Richards REVIEW William R. Everdell on Aeon Skoble's Deleting the State